Combination release valve CA-RA-PA

The CA-RA-PA valve is a combination release valve of series connection for the pneumatic release of one-way CO2 bottles with ½”-UNF thread.

This piercing valve is for interconnecting the CO2-outlet ports of several piercing valves and for mechanically connecting the outlet ports through an integrated mounting block.

By interconnecting the CA-RA-PA valves, up to ten CO2 bottles within a group can be pierced at the same time. No tool is required for tensioning the piercing needle. Using the valve blocks, it is also possible to combine several groups into one mechanical unit.

The CA-RA-PA type valves are available in four versions that may be combined as necessary. The following are required for mounting: two threaded rods M4, four nuts M4 with washer.

    Technical Data

    • Minimum release pressure 8 bar
    • Maximum operating pressure 80 bar
    • Nominal bore (free cross-section) of the valve 4 mm
    • Nominal bore of piercing needle 2 mm
    • Ambient temperature range: -20 °C to +110 °C



    Corresponding components:

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