History of K + G Tectronic GmbH

Foundation of K + G Pneumatik GmbH

In October 1990, Franz Kohler, Otto Grasl and Andreas Grasl founded K + G Pneumatik GmbH as a commercial agency for pneumatic cylinders in Germany.

The “K + G” in the name stood then, as it does today, for the two founding families Kohler and Grasl. Only three years later, in 1993, the company moved to a larger office in the Gewerbe Technologie Center (GeTeCe) Eschweiler.

New building in Eschweiler

When we started to develop control centres and controls for the SHEV sector, the first own production and office building was built in February 1995. In order to keep pace with the continuous growth of the company, the premises have since been expanded in the course of several extensions.

Expansion of the management

In April 2009, Sabine Dominiczak-Kohler and Martina Kessner-Kohler, Mr Kohler’s daughters, were appointed as authorized signatories. They had already worked in their father’s company for several years and had gained extensive insight into the processes and structures.

Company anniversary

In October 2015, K + G Pneumatik GmbH celebrated its 25th anniversary. This occasion was celebrated with partners and customers at the company’s premises.

Change in leadership

The authorized signatories Sabine Dominiczak-Kohler and Martina Kessner-Kohler became part of the management in November 2015.

Almost six years later, in September 2021, Franz Kohler stepped down as Managing Director and took his well-deserved retirement.

Change of name to K + G Tectronic GmbH

The change of name from K + G Pneumatik GmbH to K + G Tectronic GmbH was completed in April 2022. The new name is intended to underline the strategic orientation of the company and the focus on technology and electronics. Together with the change in management, this represents a completely new chapter in the history of K + G.

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