Ventilation Control Centre PLZ

The manual operation OPEN/CLOSE is realized via an integrated pneumatic valve HH5/2 and other add-on components, depending on the chosen configuration. In case of electric control, the ventilation control centre can be controlled for example via a wind and rain control, type WRS.

A valve with a nominal bore of  4 mm is used to manually OPEN and CLOSE ventilation cylinders. The door of the sheet steel ventilation box opens downwards. Two keys are included in the delivery.
As a standard, the PLZ is connected with bulkhead fittings for 6 mm or 8 mm OD hoses or pipes. It also contains an adjustable filter pressure reducer with operating pressure gauge, water separator and condensed water drain plug.

Further options can be requested via the watchlist::

  • EZS230: electric add-on component CLOSE 230 V~ (CLOSES when deenergized)
  • EZ24: electric add-on component CLOSE 24 V=
  • EZS24: electric add-on component 24 V= (CLOSES when deenergized)
  • EA24: electric add-on component OPEN 24 V=
  • PAV230: pneumatic add-on component priority OPEN 230 V~
  • PZV230: pneumatic add-on component priority  CLOSE 230 V~
  • PLZ x1.y.z-xxx: internal operation

    Technical Data

    Max. operating pressure 10 bar
    Temperature range -20 °C – +60 °C
    Fittings Ø6/4




    Corresponding components:

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