Thermal switch TS

The thermal switch is connected directly to Extinguishing Centres, SHE Controls and SHEVS Control Centres via the signal lines. One thermal switch can be connected per signal line.

When the ambient temperature changes, a bimetal strip bends and actuates a snap-action switch that closes or opens a corresponding circuit. The switching temperature is fixed ex works and varies depending on the version of the switch. The switch is available in different versions with response temperatures of 70 °C, 93 °C, 160 °C and 200 °C as well as normally open and normally closed contacts.

The aluminium enclosure is kept as compact as possible so that the switch can be installed even in tight spaces.

    Technical Data

    • Light grey silicone connection cable, length approx. 3 m
    • Range of permanent ambient temperature according to DIN VDE 0282: -50 to +180 °C.
    • Dimensions: H 115 x W 50 x D 32 mm
    • Integrated release resistor (1,5 kΩ) and terminating resistor (10 kΩ)



    Corresponding components:

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