Locking element PMET

This pneumatically operated motor unlocking device is designed for use in SHE units with ventilation function and is delivered without bolt. Manual unlocking is also possible.

When the SHE unit is closed and ventilation mode is on, the bolt remains latched in the PMET. When the SHE mounting is opened, it automatically disengages. Upon closing, it automatically reengages with the PMET.

To ensure safe PMET unlocking in case of SHE release, make sure that the piping of the SHEVS system is in the following order: CO2 release, PMET, SHE cylinder. For pipe connection of the valve, a male connector (e.g. B1-6-1/8) will be additionally required.

    Technical Data

    • Minimum unlocking pressure 4 bar
    • Maximum operating pressure 60 bar
    • Maximum locking force 2,500 N
    • Ambient temperature range: -25 to +110 °C
    • Thread for screw fittings 1/8″


    • VdS approval number G 589049



    Corresponding components:

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