Locking element PFET

This pneumatically operated window unlocking device is designed for use in SHE sidewall units.

As long as the SHE unit is closed, the locking hook is arrested in the PFET. When the PFET is released, the locking hook disengages, allowing the window to open, e.g. by means of gas-pressure springs. After a release action, closing is effected manually.

The window unlocking device is delivered with a locking hook. For pipe connection of the valve, a male connector (e.g. B1-6-1/8) will be additionally required.

    Technical Data

    • Minimum unlocking pressure 10 bar
    • Maximum operating pressure 60 bar
    • Maximum locking force 2,000 N
    • Thread for screw fittings 1/8″
    • Ambient temperature range: -10 to +110 °C



    Corresponding components:

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