Chain actuator K 2

This actuator operates with an input voltage of 230 V~ and can therefore be connected to the mains voltage without any problems. The eloxated aluminium housing is fitted with end caps made of black plastic.

The actuator is delivered with standard fastening elements for windows that open inwards or outwards. The scope of delivery also includes a fixing profile, a coupling bracket and a mounting plate for securely mounting the actuator on walls.

The chain actuator has integrated limit switches as well as an electronic emergency stop for protection against overload. Thanks to internal isolating relays, several actuators can be divided into groups as desired or connected in parallel without influencing each other. Customers therefore profit from maximum flexibility when setting up SHE or ventilation groups in a building.

    Technical Data

    • Stroke 600 mm
    • Powe consumption 160 W (230 V~/0,7 A)
    • Degree of protection IP22 (according to DIN EN 60529)
    • Ambient temperature -10 to +50 °C
    • Duty cycle: 36s AN/144s AUS
    • Push and pull force 400 N
    • Travelling speed approx. 20 mm/s
    • Min. window height 1100 mm, min. height of window frame 50 mm



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