Single-stroke cylinder Pxxx 50

This VdS-approved, double-acting compressed-air cylinder has a piston diameter of 50 mm and is delivered with an eyebolt and two swivel screw fittings for safe installation.

In addition to the standard stroke lengths, special lengths are available on request. Depending on the version, the cylinder is mounted and supplied with compressed air at the upper end, at the centre or at the lower end. Furthermore, it can be ordered with single locking only when extended or with double locking. Select your desired options in the following menus.

    Technical Data

    • Recommended operating pressure 6 to 10 bar
    • Maximum static operating pressure 60 bar
    • Theoretical lifting force at 6 bar = 1,170 N (approx. 15 % frictional losses)
    • Standard installation size (eyebolt-to-mount spacing) 70 mm when mounted at upper end. For greater installation dimensions, please inquire
    • Ambient temperature range -25 to +60 °C, according to VdS 2159 for 2 h to +110 °C
    • Maximum locking force 6,500 N


    • VdS approval number G 500010


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