SHE Control IS 3

This SHEV control uses a 24 V= pulse output to control electromagnets/electrovalves (CA/CFR) or pneumatic valves with electric components (EA/EZ). The impulse control IS 3b enables the setting up of one SHE group and has two signal lines. It delivers a total output current of up to 4 A.

    Technical Data

    Type IS 3-4b
    Part number 8140 3204 0000
    Line voltage supply 230 V~/50 – 60 Hz
    Output current 4 A (24 V=/96 W)
    Number SHE groups 1
    Accumulators (AGM, VRLA), VdS approved 2 x 2 Ah/12 V
    Internal supply voltage  24 V=/72 h in case of mains failure
    Environmental class 1/III (EN 12101-10/VdS 2581) -5 °C … +40 °C
    Relative humidity 20 % … 80 %, non-condensing
    Enclosure protection rating IP30
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 330 x 330 x 110 mm


    • VdS approval number G 513007 according to the guidelines VdS 2581 and VdS 2593
    • Internal power supply designed and certified to DIN EN 12101-10
    • Control unit designed and tested to prEN 12101-9




    Corresponding components:

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