Modular Control Centre RWZ 6

The SHEVS Control Centre RWZ 6 can be planned and configured in a modular design on request. This gives great flexibility for the configuration of SHE and ventilation groups.

In addition to the DIP switches for setting the desired functions, the control centre has an internal service display that shows operating states as well as alarm and fault messages. Furthermore, coloured LEDs indicate active travel commands and other operating modes. The status of the SHEV system can thus be checked at the control centre in a user-friendly way.


    The SHEVS Control Centre RWZ 6 consists of individual modules which are combined ex works according to customer requirements. The number of SHE and ventilation groups can thus be configured with great flexibility.

    Besides the detectors, ventilation buttons with indication of position and an external wind and rain control of the type WRS are connectable.

    General information about SHEVS and Control Centres

    A smoke and heat exhaust system is an integral part of a fire protection system. Since by far the most fire victims are due to asphyxiation, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems make a decisive contribution to saving human lives.
    The simultaneous opening of windows and flaps at the bottom and top of buildings ensures that fresh air can flow into the building at the bottom and smoke and toxic fumes can flow out of the building at the top.
    Since they form part of a safety system, our products must meet the highest standards. To ensure that the system functions reliably even in the event of a mains failure, accumulators provide the emergency power supply for at least 72 hours.

    Control centres form the centrepiece of a SHEV system. They offer numerous connection options for detectors, buttons, sensors and fire alarm control panels. All signalling lines are monitored for wire breakage and short circuits. The incoming signals are processed by the control centre and, depending on the configuration and programming, converted into travel commands, warning messages and fault messages.

    In addition to the life-saving function in the event of a fire, our control centres, controls and actuators are also suited for the natural ventilation in buildings. For the daily opening and closing of windows, roof flaps and domelights, our actuators are designed to be particularly low-noise, maintenance-friendly and durable.


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