Rate-of-rise thermal detector TM 2-D

The VdS-approved rate-of-rise thermal detector responds if the room temperature increases by more than the limit value within one minute. In this case, it indicates the alarm via a red LED and reports it to the SHEVS Control Centre.

The detector can be easily and quickly mounted on a standard or relay base thanks to its quarter-turn fastener. It has anti-theft protection and is insensitive to wind and air pressure.

Due to its flat and compact design, it can also be mounted in confined areas and blends inconspicuously into its surroundings.

    Technical Data

    • Response class A1R according to EN 54-5
      • Application temperature 25 – 50 °C
      • Static reaction: 54 – 65 °C
    • Operating voltage 9 – 33 V=
    • Quiescent current input approx. 45 µA/24 V=
    • Suitable for -20 to +90 °C, 10 to 95 % rel. humidity
    • 100 mm diameter
    • Flat design: with standard base only 50 mm, with relay base only 59 mm high


    • VdS approval code G 200059




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