Double exhaust valve DEV-SA

This double exhaust valve with visual OPEN/CLOSED indication connects several CO2 OPEN/CLOSE controls. When pressure is admitted to the OPEN end of the valve, the CLOSE end will automatically exhaust. Equally, the OPEN end will automatically exhaust when the CLOSE end is charged.

For pipe connection of the valve, two male connectors 1/8″ (e.g. B1-6-1/8) and two male connectors 1/4″ (e.g. B1-6-1/4) will be required additionally.

The design of the SHEVS may require reliable venting of the piping.

    Technical Data

    • Maximum operating pressure 80 bar
    • Ambient temperature range: -20 °C to +110 °C
    • Nominal bore (free cross-section) of the valve 2 mm



    Corresponding components:

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