Detector base MS 3-R

This relay base is suitable e.g. for use in door retainer systems in combination with detectors of the types RM 3 and TM 3. If you intend to use relay detector bases in combination with our SHEVS control centres, please contact us for details.

A short-circuiting spring facilitates the installation and maintenance work. It enables, for example, the testing of automatic signal lines during the construction phase of a building even without the use of detectors. The spring is automatically opened when a detector is inserted into the base, which rules out incorrect operation.

The cable entry may be concealed or surface type. The surface type is realized through break-away openings.

    Technical Data

    • Base type B 324RL
    • Integrated 24 VDC relay with changeover contact
    • Coil resistance 2,2 KΩ
    • Dimensions: H 29 mm, Ø 127 mm

    Corresponding components:

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