This electrically actuated mounting for installation in domelights is easily assembled by hanging the mounting from above into the curb/frame. The opening time under load is between 60 and 90 seconds.

Due to cross beam design, only small forces are introduced into the curb and domelight frame. Thanks to its flat design, the mounting is very space-saving.
In closed position, the domelight is latched by the mechanical hook locking device MHV and an adjustable locking bolt EVB3-M12.

When ordering, please complete the dimensional sheet, indicating inner width and hinge dimensions.


    • Opening angle 91° respectively 105°
    • Inner width of curb of frame/continuous roof light opening: approx. 780 to 2.100 mm
    • The opening mounting is factory adjustable to suit any domelight or continuous roof light
    • Preassembled and adapted to actual building conditions
    • Available in five sizes with different actuators type G and SG (depending on run-time and snow load)

    Technical Data

    nominal width (mm)

    weight of flap (N)

    snow load 500/<60s

    snow load 500/<90s

    order identification





    1000 1000 125 G16B G26C* G16B G20B* BF1.2-XXX°-type of drive
    1500 190 G40G* G26B G26B* BF1.2-XXX°-type of drive
    2000 250 G40G* G40G* BF1.2-XXX°-type of drive
    2400 300 SG40M* 2xG26C * ** SG40A* BF1.2-XXX°-type of drive
    3000 380 SG60F* 2xG40G* ** SG40A* 2xG26B** BF1.2-XXX°-type of drive
    1200 1200 180 G40G G20B BF2.2-xxx°-type of drive
    1500 230 G40G G26B BF2.2-xxx°-type of drive
    1800 270 G40G B40G BF2.2-xxx°-type of drive
    2000 300 SG40N SG60N* SG40M SG40M* BF2.2-xxx°-type of drive
    2400 360 SG60N SG60N* SG40M SG40M* BF2.2-xxx°-type of drive
    3000 450 SG60N SG60N* SG60F SG60F* BF2.2-xxx°-type of drive
    1500 1500 285 G60P G40G BF3.2-xxx°-type of drive
    1800 340 SG60T SG40M BF3.2-xxx°-type of drive
    2000 380 SG80P SG40M BF3.2-xxx°-type of drive
    2400 450 2xSG40T** SG60F BF3.2-xxx°-type of drive
    3000 560 2xSG60P** SG80T BF3.2-xxx°-type of drive
    1800 1800 410 SG80P SG60N BF4.2-xxx°-type of drive
    2400 540 2xSG60P** SG80T BF4.2-xxx°-type of drive
    3000 680 2xSG80P** 2xSG60N** BF4.2-xxx°-type of drive
    2000 2000 500 2xSG60P** SG80T BF4.2-xxx°-type of drive
    3000 750 2xSG80P** 2xSG60N** BF4.2-xxx°-type of drive
    2200 2200 610 2xSG80R** 2xSG60P** BF5.2-xxx°-type of drive


    Dimensional sheet


    Corresponding components:

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