Innovative Wind and Rain Control

Individually customisable to your requirements

Our innovative Wind and Rain Control (WRS 101) offers numerous advantages, such as option modules and independent connection options. Discover the versatility and performance of our wind and rain control now.

Product Highlights in Detail

Group Extension for Large Buildings

For larger buildings, we offer the Option PKM 101 to add to ventilation groups. With the up to two ventilation groups of the WRS 101, up to four ventilation groups can be set up, ensuring compatibility with the predecessor model.

Additional Wind and Rain Sensor

Thanks to the additional wind and rain sensor that can be connected via the Option WRM 101, you can ensure that your windows and shading devices are automatically closed in bad weather.

This keeps indoor areas protected and you do not need to worry about storms or water ingress.

Module for Different Ventilation Modes


In addition, we offer the ventilation extension module for other peripherals such as thermostats or timers.

For example, you can ventilate automatically at a certain room temperature or at a preset time of day.

In addition to automatic mode, CLOSE mode and manual mode via ventilation buttons are also possible.

Separate Connections for Ventilation Buttons and Actuators

The WRS 101 has separate inputs for connecting ventilation buttons.

Wiring and cable routing are significantly simplified thanks to this innovation.

Funktionseinstellungen via App (Wlan) und an der Zentrale

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The Key Features of our WRS


Expansion of the range of functions with an optional module

Separate Connections

Separate terminals for ventilation buttons and relais outputs

Operation via App

Download software updates and convenient operation of the control via our app

Simplified Operation

Simplified operation on the control thanks to new menu navigation


Wind and rain module

Connection of one additional wind and rain sensor


PFC module

Extension via two potential-free changeover contacts


extension module

Ventilation in automatic mode, CLOSE mode or rmanual mode

Technical data

Board lettering
Part number
WRS 101
8161 0101 0000
Operation voltage
Current input
Line cross-sections of mains lines
115 – 230 V~/50 – 60 Hz
0.25 A/115 V~ | 0.15 A/230 V~
Max. 2.5 mm² (rigid)
Wind sensor WM 1
● Number
● Line cross-section
● Wind sensitivity
Max. 0.5 mm² (rigid)/0.75 mm² (flexible)
Approx. 20 – 60 km/h ≈ wind force 3 – 7
Rain sensor RS 3
● Number
● Line cross-section
● Rain sensitivity
Max. 0.5 mm² (rigid)/0.75 mm² (flexible)
Light to heavy rain
Ventilation button LT
● Number of ventilation groups
● Number of buttons per ventilation group
● Line cross-section
Max. 1.5 mm² (rigid)
Contact load rating
Line cross-section
Fuses, one for each contact (5 x 20 mm)
(replacement fuse in holder on the board)
6.3 A/30 V-/115 – 230 V~
Max. 2.5 mm² (rigid)
F1 + F2: F 6.3 A
Enclosure and environment
Cable entry:
● Membranes (from above)
● Housing opening (from behind)
8 x M16
100 x 20 mm
Storage/operating conditions:
● Temperature
● Relative humidity
Enclosure protection rating
-5 °C … +40 °C
20 % … 80 %, non-condensing

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