Rate-of-rise thermal detector TM 3-D

This detector combines the response characteristics of our fixed temperature thermal detectors TM 2-M and TM 3-M as well as our rate-of-rise thermal detector TM 2-D.

The rate-of-rise/fixed temperature thermal detector reacts when a temperature of approx. 58 °C is exceeded or when the temperature rises by 8 °C/min. Alarms are indicated by a red LED.

Thanks to its quarter-turn fastener, it can be easily mounted on a standard or relay base. The detector is also secured against sabotage and removal.

    Technical Data

    • Response class A1R: Trigger temperature approx. 58 °C or temperature rise 8 °C/min
    • Max. detection height 7,5 m
    • According to EN 54-5:2000
    • Operating voltage 8 – 30 V=
    • Quiescent current input approx. 60 µA/24 V=
    • Current input during alarm approx. 50 mA/24 V=
    • To be used for -30 to +70 °C. However, temperature range of 0 to +50 °C should not be exceeded for a longer time
    • Relative humidity: 5 – 95 % (non-condensing)
    • Dimensions including base MS 3-S: Ø102 x 55 mm


    • VdS approval number G 202015




    Corresponding components:

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