BG mounting – adjustable type with double stroke cylinder

This adjustable opening mounting is factory adjustable to suit any domelight or continuous roof light. It can easily be assembled by hanging the mounting from above into the curb or frame.

The mounting has a flat design and only introduces small forces into the curb and domelight frame thanks to the cross beam design. It is available in six sizes with different pneumatic cylinders Type D.
The mounting is available in the versions “OPEN-CLOSE” and “OPEN only”. In case of the “OPEN only” version, the SHEU has to be unlatched and closed by hand. The mounting can also be equipped for electric or pneumatic ventilation functions.

Since the cylinder automatically locks in open position, unintentional closing is prevented. The domelight is locked in closed position by mechanical hook locking devices MHV and the adjustable locking bolt EVB 3-M12 or the extension set for ventilation Set-L3. The hook locking device MHV is preassembled on upper cross beams.

When ordering, please complete the dimensional sheet, indicating inner width and hinge dimensions.

    Technical Data

    • Opening angle 140° or 165°. For special opening angles, please inquire
    • Suited for 780 to 2,500 mm inner width of curb or frame/continuous roof light opening
    • Standard connection for 6 mm pipe
    • Ventilation mode: At a pressure of up to 6 bar, mounting opens to ventilation  position (approx. 300 mm opening width)
    • SHE mode: Mounting opens to SHE position at a pressure of >10 bar


    Dimensional sheet


    Corresponding components:

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